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Manar (arab)

Papers are licenses, certificates, transit passes, passports, 

a pile of papers that tell your story,  who you are. 

Here, people are determined by the color of the certificate. 

A blue certificate is unlike a green one, or an orange one, and the extent of your right

to a humane life is based on the color of your certificate.

A blue certificate is best, it allows you to live like a human being,

provides you the option to travel in the country and abroad,

and the option to work without questions being asked,

at whatever time you want, you can go out at night and at day.

The option to live like almost any human being in the world,

more or less, except in places where you must be searched before you enter.

Because they are afraid the orange will flee their devastated camps and come to us.

The blue think the green and the orange hate them because their life is hard.

True they have no money, no work, true they cannot even dream of traveling abroad

and true they have no entertainment, no cinema or theater, no cafes or planes,

but they have electricity and water one hour a day.

True, no one hardly ever smuggles them food,

true for several years they have been under siege by the blues

and true they have nothing to live for and no hope in sight,

but are these reason enough for the orange to ruin the blues’ peace of mind?


written by Shredy Jabarin

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