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The film which I once sketched as the biography of a drama teacher with „two kinds of blood in her veins“, accompanying her through a theatre project, led me to meet people from both sides of the conflict and pulled me deep into this country.


The images which arose on this journey were raw, poetic and flickering; words, dancing on a tightrope and contradictory like their motive.


Even this way, one cannot understand this area but ‚La Troisième Langue’ transmits images which are seldom portrayed by the news media. Ordinary people telling stories, divulging personal histories, being involved.


For me they’re witnesses of another Israel: in the hard political and social reality they manage to find humanity, sentimentality and optimism. And they have the power to add a few shades of grey to the contrasting black and white picture we are used to.

Benno Hungerbühler, 2016

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