Les Enfants du Paradis Films.

Cinematic documents, fine, edgy, honest.

Don't tug at stories. Leave distorted pictures to others.

Respect your own flow of history. Committed to being out of conviction.

The chivalrous courage to slow down.

At the same time advocate of eruptive tension.

Pulsating rhythm.

Poetry. Emotions that arise from connecting people in front of and behind the camera.


Invisible, silk threads, spun with lifeblood, quietly searching for the magic of stories and faces.

Founded in 1995 in the hills of central Italy by filmmaker Benno Hungerbühler and actor Giorgio Felicetti. Active in Central Europe since 1996 in the struggle against ambrosive film windmills. Still fascinated travelers in the train of moving and moving pictures like on the first day of film history.