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It's not my Fault

Dolev (jewish)

It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault they took your grandfather’s land.

Had they asked me I would have said no. But that was long before I was born,

and even if I were alive then, no one would have asked me.

You think someone would have asked me? Look at me.

I was born into my life, into a fait accompli, I have no control over the past,

nor do I have much control over the present.

I hardly have control over my life, it makes most of the decisions for me.

I was born into this great big fait accompli and I know no other reality,

but I love you, not because I’m scared or because I have no choice

or because you are part of my reality.

But because I love you and I don’t care about history nor the broadcasting authority

nor the stories, the stories I can’t change. But I promise I will study you,

your language, so I can watch the movies you watch, listen to your music,

so that we can dance together,

and thus perhaps there will come a time when we will be able

to see a theater play without translation to a third language.

written by Shredy Jabarin

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